Colored Sand Garden Lights

Colored Sand Garden Lights

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4 pictures with nocturnal animals to be colored with colored and phosphorescent sand.


The child puts his picture in the box, reveals the pre-glued areas with the tool provided and then sprinkles them according to the instructions

specified color code with sand. Once the pictures have been put up or hung up, you will experience a surprise when it gets dark:

The pictures glow in the dark!


Thanks to the phosphorescent sand, the animals can also be recognized in the dark!

1 clever tool from Djeco for easy removal of the adhesive film.

A clean activity: the child works in the box so that the sand is not scattered.

A nifty set in which the box is provided with a small hole to catch the excess sand

and fill it back into the pots, which have a wide opening for this purpose.

1 storage box with elastic closure to stow your equipment after finishing the activity.

1 step-by-step guide.

By Djeco